It seems simple but many people don’t really know what it means to have “the right fit.” for their shoes As podiatrist we strive to keep your feet happy and healthy. Often that means diagnosing and treating patients who come in with different foot issues like ingrown toe nails, bunions or hammertoes. However, we know that these painful problems could be reduced or eliminated with the right combination of consistent self care and properly fitted footwear.

We thought it would be helpful to have a Fit Guide for Working Feet. The guide covers

  • Shoe Spacing
  • Safety Footwear for Different Occupations
  • Heel Height
  • Positioning
  • Laces and Straps
  • Special Environments
  • Self-care


First and most importantly,  wear shoes that are well suited for your occupation and functional for your work place environment. This can mean different things for different people. A person who works at a desk in an office will need dress shoes a contractor on the other hand will most likely be required to wear steel-toed boots.

How to Get the Right Fit for Shoes

Wear shoes that fit properly, give your toes the right amount of wiggle room (about 1 cm gap between the
longest toe and end of shoe).

Stick to a heel height of around 4 cm for everyday wear, and do daily calf stretching exercises to keep calf and heel muscles flexible . If you’re on your feet constantly, reduce heel height to 2 cm.

Vary heel height from day to day. Always have two pairs of shoes on the go, alternating on a daily basis so that sweat can dry out properly. Damp shoes are the perfect environments for athlete’s foot and the bacteria that causes smelly feet.

Choose straps or laces over slip-ons. This will stop your foot sliding forward, a bit like a seat belt does in a car.

Adapt to your surroundings. Where slips can occur – wear slip resistant soles. If there is a danger from nails or sharp objects – wear puncture resistant soles.

Adopt a regular foot care regime to keep your feet healthy and pain free.

right fit guide shoes
right fit guide shoes

If you would like more information about the resource we used to create this Fit Guide  Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists Resources

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