At Maple Park Podiatry a number of our patients are active sports participants. Often they come to us because they have pain, swelling or difficulty walking after a sports related injury. Some common injuries include sprains, strains, tears, fractures and dislocations.

Sports Injuries Explained

Sprains – A stretch or tear of a ligament, the band that connects one bone to another.

Strains – A twist, pull or tear of a muscle or tendon, sometimes caused by overstretching.

Dislocated joints – When two bones that come together to form a joint are separated.

Fractured bones – Either acute (when there is a clean break in the bone) or stress (a small crack in the bone caused by repeated impact, typically in the legs and feet).

Tears of the ligaments – Tears often occur to the ligaments that hold the knee joint together.

Tears of the tendons – Tendons support joints and allow them to move. Achilles tendon injuries, affecting the tendon that connects the calf muscle to the back of the heel, are the most common and are extremely painful.

We have years of training and experience that help us quickly identify and treat these types of injuries, but we have found that some patients have questions about their injuries so we created an infographic to help.


sports injuries explained

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