Tip #1: Keep feet moisturized

As cooler weather approaches, you may want to consider switching to an oil-based moisturizing lotion to make sure your feet are staying properly moisturized. Dry feet can lead to cracking, pain, and infections.

Tip #2: Give them room to breath

When the days get cooler, many of us jump to make the switch to heavier shoes that don’t allow our feet to breathe. Give the skin on your feet adequate time outside of heavy, enclosing shoes to avoid stinky feet!

Tip #3: Be careful with heated blankets and pads

This tip is especially applicable for those with diabetes. Neuropathy, which is often present in diabetes, means you’ll have decreased sensitivity to heat–which could mean burns. Even if you don’t suffer from diabetes, make sure you take extra care if using heating pads or blankets at night, and turn these devices off before you go to sleep.

Tip #4: Don’t forget your nails

The nails on your feet can easily be neglected during the fall, when feet are covered up most of the time. However, failing to maintain neat, short nails on the toes can lead to ingrown toenails, chipped or broken nails, infections from moisture or bacteria underneath the toenails, or discomfort as your shoes don’t fit quite like they’re supposed to because of long nails.

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